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Luzia Schneider

Julho 26, 2023
From Germany, Luzia lived previously a vibrant lifestyle in Heidelberg, working as a DJ and engaging in social work with teenagers and children. Now, she moved to the calm and peaceful Faro. Living in Faro beach has had a profound impact on Luzia. She describes feeling more calm, at peace, and grounded in her surroundings. As a DJ in Faro, she has encountered opportunities to contribute to the developing electronic music scene. From the controller to the grill, she also prepares majestic vegan kebabs during the events of the collective she’s part of, Laranja Violet.


You’re from Germany. What inspired you to move to Faro?

I did an apprenticeship as a social worker for three years. After I graduated in 2020, I went to visit my family here in Portugal. They live in Alto Alentejo near Marvão. And I stayed there for a few months, working in a community school as a volunteer. After, I explored around a bit, and I found it very nice in the Algarve. Then I went back to Germany, but inside me I felt the urge to go through the experience of living in a different country. So, I went traveling to Greece and other countries. And I had this feeling there was something about Portugal I really liked. So, I decided to go back in summer 2021. First, I was living in Tojeiro, in a community that holds the Pizza Party Nights (Fridayhappiness).

How was your lifestyle there in Heidelberg?

While I was working, I was also part of an art collective as a DJ. I created it with a few friends. It started very small and then it became very big. So, many times on the weekends I was organizing events and little festivals or playing music myself. And on the other hand, my lifestyle was based on social work with teenagers and children. So, I had these two things in my life.

How did the idea of becoming a DJ come about?

It started like six or seven years ago. I always had friends who DJed electronic music. So, I started trying with their turntables and CDJs when we had parties. And I’ve also always been connected to music. Since I’m little I was playing instruments like piano, guitar, flute. I had singing lessons. And I was always really about music and creating a vibe. Until one day I thought: why don’t you try it yourself? One thing came to the other and that’s how I went inside this music journey with DJing and making events.

Being surrounded by so much water gives me a really calm energy

You’re now living on Faro beach, which is a completely different environment. How do you think that influences the Luzia of today?

For sure I got calmer and more at peace with myself and my surroundings. Being surrounded by so much water gives me a really calm energy. To wake up and see the ocean and be here in this little house with people from all over the world. I live with people from Brazil, Peru, England… And I think it really made me more open to all sorts of things and more grounded with myself. When I was younger, I liked to live in big cities. I moved to London when I was 18, and I always wanted to know what was going on. But now, I really enjoy this calm and peaceful life. It helps me to focus more because I’m not so distracted by big city noises.

As a DJ in the city of Faro, where the electronic music scene slowly develops, what opportunities have you encountered?

When I started to play music in Portugal, in Pizza Night Algarve, I really enjoyed the vibe there. Then I moved to Faro to this community called Tico in the forest where we also made these small events with a nice vibe too. But then whenever I went out in the city, I felt something was missing. Dancing freely together to electronic music and being nice without judging others on where they’re coming from or what they like. I was missing this a lot. Later, I met a lot of people who felt the same. So, for me it started in this bar from my friend Julli, DreamBar. She asked me to play music there and we started with these neon parties there. So, I knew there were people in Faro who enjoyed electronic. And even though it was already happening a bit here, it was from then on that it started to captivate me more.

You’re part of it now. It’s not so much developed here, and it’s about acceptance, inclusivity. How do you think it can be communicated to people?

For me, these electronic parties, they’re related to people enjoying being with each other. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter if you like men, women or whatever, if you think you’re a specific gender identity. And here in Faro, I had the experience sometimes with friends who weren’t allowed to go inside a club because they were not wearing the right trousers. I think this is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be open for everyone. And that’s why I think we started to bring this to the people. To create events where everybody feels welcome, and we don’t judge on what you are doing or how you look like. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what style of music you like. In Germany, the techno scene is really like this. It doesn’t matter if you come from afar. People just like the same thing and then they party together and live free and enjoy dancing!

Just dance, eat, enjoy, love!

You’re giving your energy and time to this. What do you get in return?

Seeing these happy faces of people dancing or enjoying food gives me a lot of joy and gratitude. You’re able to make people happy, to make them dance. I think that’s also why I chose to be a social worker. I like to work with people. I like to help. I like to give them a good feeling and a good energy. It gives me a lot in return. I feel very grateful to be part of this and create this life here in Faro. Besides allowing me to forget all the stress in my life. Just dance, eat, enjoy, love!

It seems that you found a balance between a slower life and, at the same time, playing music and doing events, especially with the new collective Laranja Violeta. Can you introduce us to this collective?

It actually came to me really randomly. My flatmate Kim said she met with people who wanted to create a collective, and that maybe I should join. I didn’t know what their plan was. But I joined them and discovered they had the same idea to create something new in Faro. Because these collectives already exist in Lisbon, Porto, and other areas. But here in Algarve, I feel it was kind of missing. So, our idea is to exactly fill this. To create a vibe and events where everybody’s welcome and it’s not only about music, but also about art and good food and just enjoying the time together. This is pretty much how we started: we miss something, so why not do it ourselves?

Regarding good food, can you tell us more about your vegan kebabs’ activity?

My connection and my love of making food started when I was really little. Both my grandmothers were great cooks. Whenever I was in their house, I would observe what they were doing and help them. Later, I started organising dinners for my friends and I felt it was something I really enjoyed. One day I had a conversation with my best friend Franzi, who is a great painter artist. And I was thinking how creative she is. I felt I didn’t have that much creativity. And she said to me “Luzi, you create recipes, you know which spices to use, this is being creative as well”! So, I ended up convincing myself that maybe my most creative side is making food. Also, I don’t eat meat. I like to create a lot of things vegan and vegetarian. The kebab idea came up here in this house. I made a dinner for some friends, in which I made this kebab for the first time. And their feedback was “you should do a business with this, we don’t have this in Faro, nobody makes vegan kebab”! And I was like “yeah, maybe I should”! So, it was really from a dinner to two weeks later, I met these people from the collective and I was there with my little grill making the kebab. I had people who came to the Laranja Violeta event and said: I’m only here for the kebab. So, thank you!!

Last one, to add to our Spotify playlist! Can you share with us a song that has the power to bring different people together?

One of my all-time favourites, and with which I have many beautiful memories with close friends. That’s definitely a song I have connected and danced to with many people. And every time I play it, people start singing it loud and dancing! It’s: “Believe” by Cher.

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