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Luz Pinto

Abril 4, 2023
Luz Pinto is a student of Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira in Faro and set theater as focus of her studies. She dreams about being a filmmaker one day. The 15-years old girl likes to play with the camera to capture faces and human characteristics. Seeing civil courage as an important task, Luz is engaged in several projects.


You are a student of Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira. What makes this school special?

It’s a very known school, I guess, because of how free the students can be. Moreover, the school is very open-minded. They accept everything and everyone. It has a lot of courses like art, science, IT, maths, language, and theatre. Theatre is what I’m mainly studying.

What fascinates you about theatre?

My teacher asked me this question today (laughs) because we were doing this self-evaluation. So basically, I decided to get into this course because I want to be a movie producer in the future. And I wanna have the capacity to be in front of the camera and behind the camera. So doing theater prepares me the best to realize this dream. At the moment, I am working on a project by myself. I’m doing a short movie.

What is your project about?

It’s about a poem that my mom showed me, and I wanna work on that. It’s a mini video clip. Let’s say it’s a little mini video clip with someone reading the poem.

Do you also like to go to the theatre?

We go a lot to the theatre with the school. They get us a lot of tickets. I like to see others’ projects. It’s nice to know how everything happens and how it’s done. It’s very interesting to see if they’re doing anything different then our teacher would do it. I’m differently conscious of what I’m seeing.

“If you’re alone on a stage, your body has to be 10 times bigger than you are.“

Which kind of movies do you like the most?

I like Tim Burton. I like how he makes his movies so visually beautiful, like pretty cinematography. And I also like some old movies that my grandpa showed me.

What is the difference between theatre and cinema?

Cinema and theatre are completely different and I’m constantly reminded of that. It’s very difficult to be on a stage when you’re performing in theater. If you’re alone on a stage, your body has to be 10 times bigger than you are. In the cinema, the camera is right on your face. It captures a lot of expressions from different angles. You can see the emotions better. The person that is alone on the stage has to project what they’re doing or feeling to everyone in the room. Even if they’re far away. I guess this is the main difference.

What was the most difficult role you’ve ever played?

The one I like the most was very meaningful. It was about women trafficking on a human trafficking awareness day. I was an 18-year-old girl that was raped at a bar and shipped to Morocco by two older men. They obligated her to work at a fabric shop for 11 months. I didn’t talk much playing this role. I liked that.

How did you feel playing this role?

It was a very heavy subject. When we were deciding on the dialogue, we even cried a bit with our teacher because it was so emotional and heavy, what we were gonna present. It was my favorite role.

You are also organizing protests.

I’m in a group chat on WhatsApp, in which we talk about when there is a protest and when someone needs help organizing a protest. I usually am part of it. Sometimes I take pictures of protests. I also helped organize a protest for the city Tavira to put free drinking water stations so that people can fill their bottles. The city did it. That was a protest I was involved in. But I am also involved for example in climate change protests. I usually volunteer or help.

Do you think protests can achieve something?

If you want something to happen, I guess you have to take action for it. You can’t just say: “Oh, I want this and I want that“ and don’t do anything about it. So I think it does make a difference.

What do you think people are protesting for here in Faro? Is there something in the city that needs to change?

I guess that culture is very important. Some cities don’t acknowledge that. They just keep on wanting to mass-produce things and then they forget that people who create art exist. People that need to be supported in different ways exist. Moreover, I think that the way the city is building buildings must change. Places are destroyed that could be used differently and more important. For example, my friend wants to move to Faro because she’s going to university and she can’t find a house anywhere. The city is just too populated. They keep building houses and building houses, and they keep destroying places to build more houses and build more houses and buildings and buildings. So I think that needs to change, but I don’t know how.

You are also part of the European youth program. How did you get into this?

It’s funny because I don’t know. One day my friend and I went into the classroom and my teacher said that my friend and I got into the parliament. And I was like: „How? Wait, what did I do to get in there? She told me that the teachers decided that my friend and I had the best ways to speak, were already involved in many projects, and thought that we might be interested. I never agreed to it, but it is okay.

What are you doing in this program?

For example, there is going to be a debate and if we win the debate, we will go to Brussels to debate the desalination of the sea. We have some meetings soon to get more introduced to the topic.

You also like to take pictures.

I take pictures at small wedding events, ceremonies, and dinner events. I also did some shootings for my friends who needed pictures to get into agencies. I don’t even charge anything. I just like to do it and people seem to like the results though.

How did you find your passion for photography?

Since I was little, I used to take pictures and my mom supported me and told me that I was good at it. She advised me to take a course. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to. After I will have finished high school, I’m probably going to take a course at ETIC. My passion has started with very little things. My mom just said I had an eye for it. So I just started taking more pictures and people seem to like it, so I continue.

Which skills do you think that somebody has to take good pictures? What is important?

I don’t know. I just capture what I think it’s pretty. I sometimes even don’t need to edit the photos. People already like them (laughs).

There are a lot of creative people here in Faro. Do you feel inspired to be here in this city?

Yes, definitely. And I feel more comfortable because everyone in my school is creative. They can dress and be themselves. Everyone has a different style and it’s nice, just to see how everyone expresses themselves easily.

You are just 15 and already seem very mature.

I think I am mature, because of the way I was raised. I was raised in a very independent way. I had my own opinion and choice since I was very, very little. I have two little brothers and I have always felt the urge to stand up and be a kind of a mom to them.

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