DigitArt launching event

October 8, 2021

With joy we want to share the moments of our DigitArt launching event. 

In a beautiful location, with the colourful sunset sky of ArQuente association we made a start to our project, which we named “DigitArt”. The speakers of our event were artists who take part in a different art form.

Let’s get to know our guests better:

Diogo Simão was born in Faro, 1994. He started his artistic career as an on-stage actor in 2010 and made his feature-film debut in the feature-length “21st Door”. He has since directed eight award-winning short films, screened at various festivals. He served as producer on a trilogy of documentaries directed by Ana Monteiro, filmed in Poland, Peru and Portugal.

He has a degree in Communication Sciences from UAlg, with courses from the National Film and Television School, HarvardX, MoMA and Ball State University. Diogo has lectured in various courses, mainly in the context of film festivals, the National Arts Plan and, currently, at the 2021 BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts.

He has been part of Faro’s candidacy team for European Capital of Culture 2027 since 2019, co-coordinating the areas of communication and public participation. He is the artistic director of the Plutão de Verão cultural association, the head-programmer of the Young South Film Festival and a regular collaborator of LAMA Teatro.

Diogo was the producer and programmer of the Shortcutz Faro film festival from 2015 to 2020, creator and producer of the ShortWeek contest and co-author of five books. Most recently he has written and directed a theater play, “Sara Sara”, and created the “Retrospectiva de um Faro futuro”: a reading of urban legends of Faro, with the Roman temple of Milreu as a background and original hip-hop instrumentals as the soundtrack.

Tabea is a singer-songwriter and author from Germany, but living in the Algarve. About a year and a half ago, she decided to settle for a while in Portugal, where she started to record own songs in her little home studio. Earlier this year, she published her first EP, and slowly started career as a musician. During her “travel-years” Tabea has always been creative in one way or another. She wrote many stories, a few novels, a kid’s book, worked as a video game story writer, illustrator and sometimes painter. However, only since she arrived in Portugal, she started taking things a little more seriously and tried to actually pursue a career as an artist. She says, “It’s been an interesting journey so far, and I’m excited to see what’s to come”.

Jahck. 28 years old, musician, singer and composer. Mixing Brazilian music, roots reggae and influences from ancestral rhythms, Jahck brings his musical project to Portugal, filled with original songs, promoting an experience of meditation and immersion in nature, giving wings to the public’s imagination through sounds, rhythm and dance. After 2 years living in Faro, Jahck has been growing in the music market and standing out on the international scene.

Ji is a graphic designer and photographer from France. From earliest years Ji has been interested in drawing. He shares that he was not able to watch a cartoon if he considered it not well drawn. Later, in high school, he discovered Photoshop, since he was better than the average, quickly, Ji was asked to help by all his wanna-be-rappers friends. Slowly he taught himself all the different softwares and skills needed to become a “true” graphic designer. Parallelly, Ji spent a big part of his life traveling the world, which led him to develop a passion for photography.

Rubico is a 28 years old singer-songwriter, music producer, organiser of festivals from Brazil. His own music project is called “Rubico”, which is mainly in “hip hop” style and together with the team created a festival called “RDV ” which takes place in Brazil and in Portugal. The RDV festival will be started in Portugal at the end of October this year, where all the guests will be able to see the biggest Brazilian artists.

Ivan Baptista – photographer. He was highly influenced by the people, colors, forms and imponent urban textures surrounding him in his hometown, São Paulo. Now after two years in Portugal, he studies the antithesis of his own aesthetics, what was concrete is a body, what was a disruption is a mark in the skin. He believes that photography freezes a moment and brings it to life, it leads to meditation, a suspended moment. He writes with light, and like a writer possesses his word, he is possessed by his photo. 

The event was opened with the presentation of the project and thereafter the microphone was passed to a singer Tabea who made a 10 minutes show with her boyfriend Ji – “When tradition meets digital art”. During her musical performance Ji was drawing on the Ipad based on the story that she sang.

Later on, with our temperamental evening host Gloria and guests discussion about “How to be an artist in Faro? The impact on society” was started. They shared personal experience and opinions towards the subject. Evening was finished with delicious snacks and Jahck’s and Ramiro’s, and later on joined Rubico’s performance.

As Contextos, we are more than grateful to all the people who came, to our dear guests who shared their talents and experience, and friends, ArQuente, who let our project be opened in this adorable space, that made all the event so cozy!

Check our event pictures here:

DigitArt 0216

The project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, is implemented by three organisations: Fronteiras (Spain), Lasco (Italy) and Contextos (Portugal).

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