Living Land

Living Land project develops an experimental framework for youth employability and engagement approach, promoting youth worker’s competencies.

Living Land aims to support and enhance skills and competencies through a link between social workers (in the Public Administration) and youth workers (in Non-Profit Organizations). This approach uses youth work in order to support vulnerable young groups (NEET, economic and social disadvantages, disabilities, school drop-outs) entering the job market organizing workshops/ activities, bringing them closer to the job market.

The 2 years’ project develops an innovative methodology at a local level, able to empower youth employability services and youth workers’ competencies. We’d like to build a model accessible and replicable by different organizations in order to facilitate non-formal activities. The main objectives are to innovate the youth workers’ approach, taking charge of vulnerable youth, and the development of an intervention model (Living Land Web Platform and Living Land Handbook) aimed at strengthening the skills of youth workers and policymakers.

The project would like to create an effective and operational tool to implement employability policies at the local, national, and European levels.



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