Deep Communities

Strengthen local communities by empowering young people and supporting their role as change-makers in their communities.

Project Summary

This year has changed people’s lives globally due to the covid-19 pandemic and it still continues across Europe and in other parts of the world. It has changed dramatically youth work, non-formal and formal education.

Educators and youth workers are looking for new tools to use in their work with young people that could support their needs. Besides that, the needs of young people have changed as well. Researches have emphasized a high anxiety level among youth during this covid – 19 pandemic, furthermore society constantly points out youth as one of the main groups who are guilty of new covid-19 outbreaks. All these elements create a high level of tension in society and leave many young people in more vulnerable and complex situations. Above all, if we want to overcome this pandemic and the consequences that will come, the whole society needs to work as a team without leaving anyone behind and supporting each other.

Therefore the project team wants to create a training course in order to equip youth workers with tools that support community building by empowering young people as active change-makers.


  • to provide youth workers/educators with tools that help them to identify and collect needs of local communities and give appropriate solutions;
  • to explore the method ‘daily theater’ that allows to get to know and strengthen local communities by using various storytelling and theater techniques;
  • to use various storytelling methods that support the well-being of young people and empower them to become change-makers in their local communities;
  • to exchange best practices – community projects run by young people or for young people.

Project Coordinator

SPLORA was founded to promote and develop social, environmental, and innovation projects in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain. SPLORA unites two main scout organizations of the region into one entity becoming an organization who reaches the highest number of children, youth, youth workers, and educators of the region. Main SPLORA activities are in the field of child and youth work within the non-formal education and with reference to the Scout movement.
SPLORA organizes its activities from a human rights perspective and commitment to strengthening the economic, social, environmental, and cultural development of Valladolid and the Castilla y Leon region. The main areas of activities are following:

  • to contribute to the comprehensive development of children and youth by helping them to fully realize their physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential.
  • supporting their growth as responsible citizens of their local, national, and international communities;
  • to support the implementation of environmental activities and raise awareness of sustainable development;
  • to organize programmes that promote mobility of children and young people at national and European level;
  • to promote and spread Scouting principles and values;
  • to encourage volunteering among children and young people, especially related to non-formal education;
  • to promote and develop programs that support creativity, training, artistic and cultural activities with special attention to children and young people;
  • to promote programs and actions especially of youth employment as an instrument for personal development;
  • to support programs and activities where gender equality and respect for diversity are the protagonists;
  • to promote programs aimed to support people facing social exclusion.



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Jorge is passionate about projects and initiatives that promote the transformation and the evolution of individuals. He has been involved in the youth sector at the local, national and international levels for more than 7 years.
Founder & CEO

Jorge Machado


Driven by a strong will to learn and a very organized spirit, Gloria is the one in charge of planning, monitoring, and implementing project activities, communicating with partners, and ensuring that all the objectives are in reach.
Project Manager

Gloria Trisciuzzi

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