Be Enterprising

Fostering Entrepreneurial Attitude in Youngsters



By the end of the training course, participants should be able to:
  • Introduce the idea of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship to youth;
  • Help a young person to identify interests and present skills that could be used as a starting point;
  • Coach a young person during the process of defining the needs of further learning/development;
  • Be able to use a variety of tools to foster creative and entrepreneurial thinking;
  • Have enough information to support and mentor a young person interested in discovering entrepreneurship;
  • Understand how the Erasmus+ program can be used for further exploration of youth entrepreneurship subjects by young people;
  • Understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, self-employed individual;
  • Comprehending the overall situation in participating countries regarding youth unemployment, entrepreneurial support structures, and challenges;
  • Understanding the role of creativity and out of the box thinking;
  • Understanding of the Erasmus+ framework and its possibilities to promote youth entrepreneurship;
  • Understanding of competencies needed to be developed by young people in order to have a potentially successful entrepreneurial way;
  • Using tools for promoting creativity such as creative writing/drawing exercises, mind games, brainstorming techniques;
  • Using tools and methods for promoting entrepreneurship such as entrepreneurial simulations, business games, student company frame, business pitch, and hackathon events;
  • Being able to organize a local hackathon or business simulation event in their local community;
  • Being able to support youngsters to discover entrepreneurial possibilities and mentor them in the early stage;
  • Being able to adapt various tools from the business environment in youth work such as elevator pitch, lateral thinking, critical assessment, business model canvas, and others;
  • Being positive to promote entrepreneurship and most importantly socially conscious entrepreneurship;
  • Being confident to support youngsters to discover entrepreneurship as a possible career.



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Jorge is passionate about projects and initiatives that promote the transformation and the evolution of individuals. He has been involved in the youth sector at the local, national and international levels for more than 7 years.
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Jorge Machado


Driven by a strong will to learn and a very organized spirit, Gloria is the one in charge of planning, monitoring, and implementing project activities, communicating with partners, and ensuring that all the objectives are in reach.
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Gloria Trisciuzzi

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