Tata Regala

Tata Regala is an open-minded figure who considers Faro as being the land of opportunities.

Who is Tata?

Tata has a strong difficulty in defining himself. Being a person has multiple hobbies, multiple carriers. Because there is no one Tata I think there are multiple people that go by the same name and that inhabit in the same body. Without sounding pedagogical as in that person suffers from multiple characters or split personality. Not necessarily that but I struggle with myself often and I have conflicting interests and sometimes paradoxical. So I would say that Tata is a multitude of people in me.

What would you like to do when you grow up?

I am trying to be a part of the pilgrimage in the Azores. Where you are walking around São Miguel –which is an island in Azores- and Azores is known for its rough weather. It will be basically around ten days of walking under the rain, under the wind, the cold. Taking shelter wherever someone opens the door, eating what people are giving to you. So basically traveling with nothing, no luggage and just relying on other people’s goodwill. So there is such a pilgrimage every year in Azores, (…) It’s a catholic pilgrimage, even though I am not catholic I have no religion, but I’ve been planning to do this for 3-4 years and every year something happens and stops me from going. But every end of the year I think that’s going to impact me the most. So it hasn’t happened so far, hopefully, It will happen next year, around Eastern time.

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Faro?

Faro right now is home. It’s a place where I can be someone. It’s a place where I have space not to be anonymous, where I have space to be creative where I can make a difference. As a community, it’s not too large or too small. So there is stimulus. There are things happening but it’s small enough for you to make a difference. I think there is a balance between impact in society and the impact on you (…) So for me, Faro is a land of opportunity.

What would be the soundtrack of your life story?

Tom Waits – Shore -Nick Mulvey – Mountain To Move – I think that’s a really interesting song. Those two I would say that they define me. Atticus – Noisettes

What is the place in Faro you are most connected to? Why?

Ilha Deserta Island -even it’s a place that I’ve visited 3-4 times in my life- is a place (regarding which I feel close to) that represents the option to be alone. By having this island present you have a choice. Choosing is a freedom because if you don’t have any choice you have no freedom. And this island by itself represents my choice to not be in there. So the fact that the island exists and the fact that I’m not in there. It’s what makes me feel so close to it: because I choose not to be in there. For me, Faro is a land of opportunity and it’s a land of choices. That’s how I look at it. That’s why it would be Desert Island because you can choose not to be there.

© Photos by Beste Kanter.