Sara Vítor

Having a degree in teaching physical chemistry, but also working in a farm full of donkeys and rabbits, Sara is one of those people you would definitely want to meet.

Who is Sara?

Sara is a teacher and a nature lover. I took my degree in teaching physical chemistry.But  I grew up on this farm like today. So somewhere in my life I started to see my life is more connected with natüre. I stopped working as a teacher and now I work on my farm with the animals. Connection with nature is my main goal and way of life.

What would you like to do when you grow up?

I think now I am doing what I would like to do. I would like to keep doing what I am doing now, but more officiant, more sustainable. I’d like to reach more people with my ideas and goal of getting people conscience about their actions and consequences of their actions in the World.

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Faro?

The sea..The connection with the water.

What would be the soundtrack of your life story?

José Afonso is an international singer of Portugal. A poet Ary dos Santos, that his many poems became music. One music is difficult to choose but I can surely say that it is Portuguese music and it has to be related with freedom.

What is the place in Faro you are most connected to? Why?

Highschool. Because it was the place that marked my way of being and my life journey. I think it all started when I made my decision  that “I am not going to be a vet, I will be a teacher.”. Now I work with animals but…

© Photos by Ana Monteiro.