Carlos Silva

The chief scout of Farense football team, Carlos Silva was born and spent all his life in Faro. He is mostly connected to the São Luís neighborhood, but also considers that Faro is a very protective city and its people have a real sense of belonging.

Who is Carlos?

I’m Carlos Silva and I was born in Faro. I’m 29 years old and I’ve lived here for all my life. I did my studies here and I grew up playing football at Farense. I hold the position as chief scout in the department of scouting of Farense.

What would you like to do when you grow up?

I grew up in the football world and I’ve always wanted to be part of it and do something related to football. My biggest dream was to become a professional football player.  I tried to become one at different stages of my life, however I realized that my capabilities won’t be able to get me there.

However, I knew that my dream was to be part of something related to football, so I decided to study and do everything I could in order to still be part of this world, without being a player. I did courses to become a football trainer and also courses regarding scouting, and a few years ago I was training the youngsters of football teams.

Three years ago, I started here and while I was training the kids, they saw my personality and drive, so they invited me to occupy the position I have now. So, as an overall answer, after my dream of becoming a player didn’t happen, the plan was to become a trainer in the next few years. But that happened sooner than I expected and now I find myself in a position I enjoy.

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Faro?

Faro is my city. I was born here, I work here. This city has a special meaning for me. Because of the profession that I’ve chosen, I know that day it might happen that I’ll have to leave Faro, but still, I can’t imagine that happening. I’ve always lived close to the stadium, my house is 2 minutes away. When I married my wife, one of the conditions was that I had to live near the stadium. So, for me, the most beautiful area in Faro is the São Luís neighborhood.

What would be the soundtrack of your life story?

I really like Eddie Vedder. I enjoy listening to all the songs from Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder. So, they can be part of my film.

What is the place in Faro you are most connected to? Why?

It’s here. The stadium and the area around it. Here I feel comfortable. I feel at home. People here in Faro have a real sense of belonging. They love Faro. They’re very protective of the city. Very patriotic. For them, this is like their little country. And everyone loves the Farense club. They call themselves Farense.  Everybody is friendly here. Good food. Good weather. Good people. What more can you ask for?

© Photos by Alba Vallés.