Bruno Boto

Bruno is at the same time a designer and a surfer. Even if architecture was his aspiration, he is grateful for starting to surf and feels like the Ocean has been a teacher and a listener for him. Bruno also used the surf as an opportunity to discover the Portuguese coast.

Who is Bruno?

So, I’m a designer, as a profession. I’m also the father of Manuel, a 8 year old boy. Besides work and family life, I’m very passionate about surfing. I started surfing when I was 14 and is one of my favorite activities and hobbies.

Surf is a complex individual sport that gives me a lot, not only adrenaline, but a feeling of accomplishment, fun and freedom that few things in life can do to me. It’s kind of a therapeutic activity, where I can sometimes explode and sweat, or just relax and enjoy, but I mostly like the tranquility and fulfillment I get from it. And in some way, the ocean has been a teacher and listener. Also, surf offered me the opportunity to get to know the Portuguese coast and some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes that I have ever seen. I’m really grateful that I started surfing at a really young age and never quit just because it is a hard sport to learn

What would you like to do when you grow up?

Architecture was kind of my aspiration. So, what I’m doing now, design, graphics and drawing, is somehow related to it. Because what I liked to do as a kid was mostly drawing and reading books. So, I think I kept that passion somehow. I still draw, I have my books, and I generally love to learn.

The thing is that, when you are a kid, some people tell you “oh, you should be this, you should be that” or “do this, do that”. And in my case, I didn’t come from an educated family. I was one of the first to go to university, so people told me “yeah, you should be an architect” because of that whole mentality that in order to be successful in life you should be either a doctor, an architect, a lawyer or engineer. Back in that time, the concept or designer or graphic designer wasn’t so specific. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like architecture.

Maybe, I think, I’m going in that direction. Because it is a learning process. Even though my main task is graphic or web or illustration, recently I started to study permaculture, and eco construction should be my next step. I always try to develop myself because there’s so much to learn. So, I think that in my case, people noticed that I like to draw and paint and that’s why they suggested something creative and related to my passions, such as architecture. I don’t know, maybe that dream is still there. Waiting to be explored more.

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Faro?

For me, the first thing that comes to my mind is a calm place. I’m not originally from Faro, but when I arrived for the first time here, in 2003, I liked the atmosphere a lot. Being here just makes me feel relaxed, at peace.

What would be the soundtrack of your life story?

I think there would be a lot of songs, you know, for each phase. I actually answered this question with some friends years ago. If I’m thinking of all my music culture, I could go from pimba (Marco Paulo) for my childhood and go to hip-hop and rap (McHammer) and then rock (Guns’n’Roses, Sepultura, Nirvana) for my teenage years. Also, music from my father’s records (Bob Marley, The Doors). I used to listen to those a lot on the record player. Then, it would be dance, house and techno music (The Prodigy). Then, for when I started to surf, it would be punk music. Now, in the present time, I really like to listen to jazz. It’s more calm, chill. So, every genre of music shows a different stage of my life.

What is the place in Faro you are most connected to? Why?

I should say the Ria Formosa and the beach. But in the city, I like the dock area. The sunsets are amazing there. The view is so nice, so calming. I just think I enjoy places that are close to the water.

© Photos by Alba Vallés.