Ana Timóteo

An Algarvian at heart, Ana decided to came back to Faro after living in Canada for 6 years. When she is not engaged in social animation and social work related activities she spends her time enjoying the blue colour of the water on Ilha de Farol.

Who is Ana?

Timóteo, as my friends call me, is a dreamer, a happy funny person. Also, a bit shy. Someone who enjoys the simple things in life. I love photography, writing, face painting, reading.  I’m 34 years old, almost 35. I was born in Caldas da Rainha, but always came to Algarve in summer vacations with my family. I have such great memories from those times.

My mom told me that the first time I came to Algarve, I was 4 months old. Because I had this connection with the area from such a young age, I decided to study at the University of Algarve. Then, I moved with my family to Toronto, Canada for 6 years. However, all the time I was there, I kept dreaming all the time of returning to the Algarve. And even though my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins live in the center of Portugal, I just decided to return here, even if I’m by myself. This is my place. I’ve actually been told that I’m such an Algarvian at heart.

What would you like to do when you grow up?

When I was little, my dream job was to be a hairdresser. Then, I thought of becoming an actress. But everyone asked me “How do you think of pursuing this kind of career if you’re so shy?”. So, I gave up that idea. The next career dream is the one that I had for the longest time: primary school teacher. Because I love to teach, to explain things for others, to draw and to create.

However, after high school, I did a professional course in social animation. In that moment, I discovered that these kinds of things are more related to me, because I really consider myself as a creative person. And then, because I love helping others, I decided to go for social work. Now I do both of the things I love: express my creative side and help people. Also, funnily enough, if you think about it, the social animation job kind of relates a bit with acting. Because you create a role and tell a story. Also, it gives you full creative freedom.

I used to do animation parties … I really miss that. Hopefully, everything will get back to normal soon. When COVID hit, and since I love helping others and make a difference in the world, I decided to take part in the CAVI project as a personal care assistant. Now, I’m the personal care assistant of a 20 year old girl with cerebral palsy, and sometimes I babysit for 2 children. 

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Faro?

The sun. Also, the beach, the sea, the sunset. All in all, just good vibes. And not to forget, the university! It’s a very special place for me since I did my studies in Social Education there. I have a lot of good memories from that time of my life.

What would be the soundtrack of your life story?

It’s a bit difficult to pick only one because I love lots of different music genres, but if I have to choose a band, for sure it would be Coldplay. It’s the band that I identify most with. I like all of their songs, so it would be impossible to pick only one. However, a song that defines me is “Vertigem” by Mafalda Veiga.

What is the place in Faro you are most connected to? Why?

Ilha de Faro. Since the first time I went there, I just fell in love with it. It’s like Paradise. Because it’s so peaceful, I can simply feel more connected. Makes me feel like I’m in a magical place. The blue of the water is like something you’d see in a painting. My favourite moment spent there was when I had the opportunity to go to the lighthouse and see all the area from above. It’s really cool.

© Photos by Alba Vallés.