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October 19, 2020 by Jorge Machado0

The idea to join to the project „Uncover your Potential” was so unexpected even for me. With routine job in my city, salary and own flat it may seem strange to change everything in one second. But I believe that It’s really worthy.

Let me take you on a journey full of photography, colors, impressions and sun in Portugal. I’ll try to show you the best from my stay here.


Cliff coast in the Algarve

My adventure in Portugal started with a really intensive first weekend with cliffs, paradise beach on the Culatra Island and first sighteseeing in Faro.

The cliffs in Portugal are unique in the world, amazing and breathtaking. It is the best to start the trip in Lagos – Beach Ponta da Piedade.  Imagine the feeling when you are standing over the ocean, feeling the wind on your skin and this sights unfold before your eyes:



The hike may extend from one beach to the others and you can finally reach to some unusual cliff forms, such as this famous Roman Bridge:


Paradise in Culatra Beach

The boat trip from Faro to the Culatra Island is also an amazing experience. You cross the lagoon by boat and after approximatelly 40 minutes you will reach the Island. And then you have already time to admire the endless sandy beaches with the blue of the ocean. I was also under the charm of a quiet small village with colorful houses.


Faro in the eyes of a volunteer

Most of the time I was spending time in Faro. This city is full of suprises finding in every corners and for sure you won’t be bored here. A must-see point is marina and old town city. Just at the first evening I passed the tour by night:


And I discovered also the Music Association Club – perfect place for feeling the music vibe, sitting in the open air on warm evenings, with the lights, drinking a beer or an aperol:


The good idea to get to know the city from the historical and cultural side is a free walking tour with the guide. Trip started next to the Arco da Vila – one of the medieval gateways to the city and then you move through the small streets of Faro exploring the old town with its most important points:


The most recognizable church in faro is Igreja do carmo with bones chapel. Above the entrance, following description for sure will make you reflect: Stop here and consider that you will reach this state too.

Apart from the historical background, during the trip, I got to know some local legends, recommended places and local customs. Finally, a photo group in front of the Christopher Columbus plaque, with my favorite blue tiles:


Faro city by the ocean

Marina is then full of ships, bars and musicians. Right next the old town city begins. You can get lost in the maze of small streets with small cafes, drink good coffee and eat delicious local cookies:


The most recognizable place from the photos of tourists is the Faro logo, so I couldn’t miss it!


I was lucky that during my stay in Faro I could rent a bicycle. The perspective  of the city changes immediately and the beach – Praia de Faro is more easily accessible. It takes 30 minutes to go there from the city centre.


I saw there the most beautiful sunset and sky full of stars:

During the day Faro is so calm and relaxing place, but at night people fill the streets of old town, just sitting outside the bars, laughing or watching matches. The next point – I quickly understood that the local football team is strongly supported by locals. The photo couldn’t give back fully all the emotions that people had during the match, but you can add yourself shouting, singing and applauding.


Faro specialities

Travelling without enjoying local food would’t be so perfect. And in Faro you have so many opportunities to do it! First and the most important speciality – pastel de nata. In this moment imagine eating a hot cake filled with pudding egg cream. You will eat lots of pastel de nata here – trust me.


Algarve mountains

The next idea which came up in my mind was to explore the mountains here. With the best Contextos team everything is possible. We rented scooters and we moved into the unknown to discover the beauty of the mountains. I will always remember the sight of red rocks, the horizon and the passing villages along the way – Lagoa, Monchique, Sao Marcos da Serra. In the midst of the mountains, we found the perfect place to pitch a tent. With a million stars above our heads, we felt like in paradise. And it was also worth getting up at 6 am to enjoy the sunrise over the highest mountain top in Algarve – Mount Foia.


SUP – stand up paddle in the Praia de Faro

The last thing I really wanted to do during my volunteering there was a SUP crossing on the Ria Formosa river. Stand up paddle boarders stand on boards that are floating on the water, and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. It is an ideal sport to see the Faro coast from a different perspective, relax and get to know the world of surfers on the beach.


This article was written by Magda Łyszczarz as a part of “Uncover Your Potential” ESC program.

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