Creating new spaces of dialogue, cooperation and collective construction of innovative and sustainable opportunities for youth in rural areas of the Algarve.

Project Summary

RURALidades has the main aim of creating new spaces of dialogue, cooperation and collective construction of innovative and sustainable opportunities for youth in rural areas of the Algarve.

During the different activities of the project, youth will develop their awareness in areas such as youth employment, active citizenship, democracy and participation. They will learn about environmental and sustainable policies at national and international levels, good practices of youth entrepreneurial projects and getting informed about existing opportunities for training, education and entrepreneurship inside Erasmus + and others.

With the support of expert trainers on methodologies of non-formal education and under structured settings we will provide the spaces where young people, organizations and representatives of public authorities will be able to debate the challenges and priorities for the policy making both in their region, tackling both the European framework on the youth field, the challenge of youth unemployment, rural desertification and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The project is definitely supporting the objectives and principles of Structured Dialogue and opening the EU Youth Strategy’s method of cooperation allowing underprivileged youth to be equally heard, to engage influential decision-makers at all levels, to ensure the representation of the formal education sector and to involve non-traditional actors influencing youth policies.


  • The creation of spaces of dialogue and cooperation between youth, organizations, decision makers and other stakeholders to debate the problematic of youth lack of investment in rural retreat;
  • To debate and map the challenges and opportunities for youth participation, employment and entrepreneurship in the rural areas;
  • To share and promote visibility of best practices and of innovative and sustainable opportunities for youth in rural areas;
  • To allow the increase of knowledge of young people in the region concerning the European policies and opportunities of Erasmus + to youth from rural areas with fewer opportunities

We will involve a diverse range of participants, mainly through the following activities:

  • The creation of a Regional Committee of the project that will join different regional and youth stakeholders, recovering the network of “Algarve 2020: a youth contract” that will have the opportunity to continue working together for all preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project;
  • Local Youth Consultations with young people living in rural areas, urban youth with rural background or vocation and entrepreneurs to explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities of rural areas and raise their capacity and information on youth participation and entrepreneurship;
  • a National Youth Meeting where youth, organizations, schools, entities, private sector, policy makers and other stakeholders will be able to present and debate best practices, challenges and opportunities for rural youth and work collectively on the construction of recommendations at national level and of a regional agenda;
  • The Local Follow-up Meetings to consolidate and adapt the recommendations to effective local action plans with youth and main local stakeholders.


  • The Agenda: “8 Objectives for a New Generation in Rural Algarve till 2030” coming from the National Youth Meeting;
  • The “Recommendations for youth participation and entrepreneurship in low density territories” (translated to English) resulting from the overall conclusions and achievements of the project;
  • The video documentary “RURALidades: practices and opportunities in the rural areas” that will support dissemination of good practices and project results to a broader audience;
  • The RURALidades Local Action Plans designed during the Local Follow-up Meetings;
  • The RURALidades Pool of Mentors that joins stakeholders compromised in supporting youth in designing projects or reaching to opportunities in the rural areas.

The project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme is coordinated by ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL (Portugal) and is implemented by two nonprofit organizations: Associação Liláz and, Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social CRL.



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