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We believe that volunteering is a great opportunity to develop competencies and become an active citizen.

Culturally and artistically, Faro is developing in terms of people’s acceptance and governmental support, so although there is still a lack of participation of the community in general, there are many new events and activities. Therefore there is a great potential to further develop and we pretend as an organization and with the contribution from the European Solidarity Corps volunteers, to contribute to making this evolution social responsible, participative, and positive, to increase youth participation in community life, in all its social, educational, cultural, economic, and health aspects and create more opportunities for youth participation in community life.

We would like to provide to the volunteers, the opportunity of participating in our local projects helping in the daily tasks like preparing the agenda, who to contact, etc, in order to improve their skills and knowledge and give them useful work experience that can be useful in their future inside any organization. The volunteers are expected to have openness to a pro-active volunteering attitude. These are the kind of activities in which the volunteers will be involved:

  1. Participating in the coordination and implementation of activities, in articulation with the staff or with other volunteers (workshops, cultural activities, etc);
  2. Developing and implementation of their own local activities/projects (workshops, language tandems, etc) with follow up and evaluation;
  3. Supporting other local volunteers in developing their own projects;
  4. Collaborate with local associations in punctual activities;
  5. Workshops and speeches about Erasmus+ and other international opportunities in schools, job centers, and relevant stakeholders;
  6. Supporting us in the communication, marketing, and promotion strategy;
  7. Supporting in administrative work (if needed) and in our local, national, and international projects;
  8. Participating in writing and developing projects applications and fundraising activities;

We also offer the opportunity to learn and discover all these topics: developing teamwork skills; learning about the environment, local community, and local habits; being supported through the intercultural learning process; developing creativity by participating and organizing cultural events; developing critical thinking towards cultural and socio-political events; developing logistical skills; developing skills in multimedia production; developing fundraising skills, and sharing their experiences and promoting intercultural exchanges.

During the first month, the volunteers will be accommodated and integrated into the community, will get to meet the local stakeholders, and will prepare the proposed activities. Besides the planned and mentioned activities, the volunteers will be encouraged to come up with their own initiatives and other ideas for activities and actions for the local community as long as they help to achieve the planned objectives. In this way, we will offer the necessary space for the volunteers to exercise their own creativity and their entrepreneurial spirit. The volunteers will be responsible for putting the ideas into practice and achieving the proposed results as well as they will be stimulated to learn on their own, through the method of learning by doing and by experimenting. The volunteers will have, also the possibility to share their knowledge by organizing some workshops. With this methodology, we intend to privilege the development of the volunteers’ personal skills, thus creating both formal and non-formal opportunities. At the same time, the service of the volunteers will bring a strong added value both to Contextos and to the community in general, through the direct results of their work.



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Jorge is passionate about projects and initiatives that promote the transformation and the evolution of individuals. He has been involved in the youth sector at the local, national and international levels for more than 7 years.
Founder & CEO

Jorge Machado


Having 6 years of experience as a social media manager and 8 years as a blogger, Alexandru is coordinating our communication channels, digital marketing strategy and online activities.
Head of Communications

Alexandru Ion