Educate in Rights through the Arts!

Project Summary

EducArts! improves democratic education using narratives based on arts and creativity as an attractive means of spreading values beyond borders. Young people, those on whom the future of the EU will be based, are the ones who most need innovative and motivating methods to engage them.

The overall aim is to foster citizens’ understanding of their fundamental rights, Europe’s common values, and our common cultural wealth, thereby encouraging democratic participation across the Union in the unpredictable post-Covid context.

Specific objectives are:
  • Improve the skills of educators in adult centers, as well as tutors, trainers, or monitors of Civil Society Organizations dedicated to lifelong learning, to use audiovisual narratives and creative-artistic methods as a means of reinforcing learner motivation and transmission of positive values;
  • Improve the availability of non-formal and informal learning opportunities for adults through the development of creative, artistic, and cultural competencies;
  • Develop new ways of access and increase the acceptance of education in values for citizens, especially groups at risk of social exclusion, through the use of innovative and participatory teaching methods based on participatory co-creation and creativity;
  • Promote creative laboratories in local community spaces that promote citizen participation, social inclusion, and lifelong learning through the promotion of culture and the arts;
  • Spread the Erasmus spirit among all citizens and generations, and especially among young people and creatives, as a way of exchanging experiences with which to express their European identity and feelings of belonging in terms of common values, helping to build and strengthen the ties of solidarity between European communities.
Main Activities
  • Faro EducArts! Lab
  • Developing Competencies of Educators
  • Building Co-Learning ArtScenarios to Promote Human Values in Faro
  • Learning Tools to Support Learners
  • Sustainability of EducArts!

With EducArts!, educators and citizens will contribute to identifying a “Union that fights for more”.



  • Educator’s Guide to Encourage Participatory Debates around Values and Rights using Art and Culture – which consists of a basic guide that includes competencies and skills framework required for the educators, explaining what the EducArts! Pedagogical Methodology consists of, and which develops guidelines to follow to implement an EducArts! Lab into their organizations or educational centers.
  • Learning Tools to Support Learners – is a set of tools to support the educators that includes all the material of interest generated in the project, as well as access to Open Educational Resources of interest for use in the EducArts! Field. Likewise, the Educators Guide consists of the itinerary that the educators must follow to prepare the Learner Logbooks so that it is effective in pedagogical and motivational terms.



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Dovilė is using her previous experience in Youtube to create content for our TikTok account, host our podcast series and organize our local events.

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Jorge is passionate about projects and initiatives that promote the transformation and the evolution of individuals. He has been involved in the youth sector at the local, national and international levels for more than 10 years.

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