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Lava’s objective was to improve the management of the process of sending EVS volunteers. After the end of the project is important to provide quality support and debriefing schemes to the volunteers to better capitalize on the experience, assets and the skills acquired.

Project Summary

Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo (RIVE) mission is to improve the management of the process of sending EVS volunteers. The experience tells us that the support provided to the volunteer in his/her community after the end of the service is a very delicate phase in which is important to provide support and direction to better capitalize on the experience, assess the skills acquired so to be able to take its results and evaluate possible job opportunities or other opportunities for further personal, professional and social development.


RIVE has decided to take a path that wants to give more concreteness and quality to the project management on the part related to the conclusion of the voluntary service abroad and consequential return to the local community, thus placing the following minimum targets:

  • Encourage the exchange of good practices and methods in relation to the management measures adopted by each partner of the project regarding EVS service end;
  • Provide new tools and resources for youth workers to develop new skills and abilities in managing support to EVS volunteers at the end of the service;
  • Identify paths to encourage formal networks and partnerships with universities, entities operating in training and education sector, chambers of commerce, support systems and professional guidance which can give more concrete opportunities after EVS;
  • Promote the means and tools that give visibility and greater recognition to the competences and skills acquired by the volunteers during service;
  • Promote the program ERASMUS+ and EVS as a remarkable response activity for the social and professional development of young Europeans.

The project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme was implemented by RIVE (Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo). RIVE is a national network of Italian youth organizations promoting international mobility. The network was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting international voluntary work, youth participation, non-formal education, and intercultural dialogue.



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