Contextos is starting new “Out of Contextos Podcast” series

Contextos is starting new “Out of Contextos Podcast” series

August 6, 2021

New OUT OF CONTEXTOS podcast series we are starting with our dear friend Alex from Romania and the new host Dovilė from Lithuania.

Our guest Alex is a blogger, a professional in Social Media Management field, passionate about cinema and football, and has been in more than 100 escape rooms. Alex came up with an interesting statement, that “We don’t have a right to have a job”, so let’s find out what arguments he has. Are they correct? Listen to his inspiring stories about self-improvement experience and devotion to life goals. Maybe this podcast will inspire you in some way! If you don’t try, you will never know!

The new episode, titled “YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE A JOB” is available to stream on:


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Out of Contextos Podcast is a project developed by Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social CRL as a part of the multimedia initiative called Vitamin D.


The beauty of the world we live in lays in the diversity of its people. The uniqueness. The individual life paths. The variety of mindsets and feelings. As everyone has at least one interesting life story to share, all we need to do is to listen. 

Sharing the stories that shaped our life doesn’t make us weak; it makes us human. When people feel safe to share their vulnerability, things get real. While we share stories of the defining moments in our lives, we connect at a deeper level, beyond roles and goals. And that’s exactly what the Out of Contextos Podcast aims to do: to create a connection between the storytellers and the audience and deliver an engaging talk with each episode.

About Contextos

Contextos’ story begins in 2016 with the idea of giving an answer to social demands in an integral way and proposing custom-made solutions. Contextos aims at fostering and promoting community empowerment and development as the keystone of processes of change in society, using participatory tools to develop competencies and capabilities within individuals and organizations.

Our projects focus on culture, media, education/training, participatory democracy, active citizenship, human rights, intercultural dialogue, non-formal learning, social entrepreneurship, and social inclusion. We follow transversely in our projects and activities the principles of non-formal education. We use a diverse set of approaches and learning methods, in which people are challenged to make use of a critical and reflective attitude about their own experience (professional and/or personal).

We cooperate with public institutions especially at local and regional levels, schools, universities, vocational and other educational institutions, public and private social inclusion organizations, and other NGOs.

About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an umbrella project aiming to put together a large number of projects, events, and initiatives developed by Contextos in terms of communication, classic and digital marketing, offline and online events, and media campaigns.

The main goal of the project is to increase social inclusion and to raise awareness about social issues in a creative, non-formal, and outside-the-box way. Considering the present context in which online and word-of-mouth forms of communications are the fastest ways to reach a broad and relevant audience, Vitamin D was developed to use all available channels in order to promote solidarity, social inclusion, and active citizenship.

All the projects included in Vitamin D are designed for promoting media and art as a tool for social expression and for the integration of young people into society.