Project Coordinator

Sylwia Frączek

Who is Sylwia?

I am a girl who 6 years ago decided to change her life 180 degrees and find her place in Portugal. I studied Polish Literature at the University of Warsaw, but I quickly discovered that a teaching career is not for me. I could say my life has changed because of two things – sign language and European projects. One led to the other. 

I am trying to discover new things all the time, take up challenges that at the beginning seem impossible but I guess I am too stubborn to quit. 

In my ideal world, I would read one book a day while baking and thinking about the next place I would like to visit.

What motivates you?

Moments when I have to give 100% of myself.

Why Contextos?

Because it was a challenge I couldn’t resist. Also after a few years’ break, I started to miss the project-related environment with its creative approach spreading knowledge. Contextos is the perfect place to develop my passions and create something valuable.

What is your part of the team?

I am a Project Coordinator responsible for the development and implementation of Contextos programs, planning and scheduling tasks, managing group communication, budget and risk. In addition to coordinating already existing projects, I have space to create my own projects and bring new ideas to life. 

What is your superpower?

My superpower are the fantastic people I surround myself with. They give me the courage to implement my crazy plans and encourage me to take on new challenges.



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