Founder & CEO

Jorge Machado

Who is Jorge?

Jorge is passionate about projects and initiatives that promote the transformation and the evolution of individuals. He has been involved in the youth sector at the local, national and international levels for more than 7 years. 

What motivates you?

To empower and motivate each individual to become their best version. Each of us can be a better version of ourselves.

Why Contextos?

Nothing is impossible and I always believed that we can build a better world, so Contextos, it’s that place, which allows me to leave my comfort zone, be confronted with my limits, beliefs, and fears, create new paths and make common discoveries.

What is your part of the team?

Jorge Machado, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social CRL has vast experience of transnational working and extensive knowledge of European Programmes. He plays a key role in the development and implementation of Contextos programs and has an excellent track record of partnership working, successful project management, implementation, and delivery of EU-funded projects. Jorge Machado has a full understanding of non-formal and informal learning practices to support disadvantaged individuals into training and employment including self-employment. He has experience in employability, social enterprise, and entrepreneurship support programs.

What is your superpower?

Curiosity and proactivity.



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