Content Creator

Dovilė Imbrasaitė

Who is Dovilė?

When it comes to self-representation, usually I get confused, because I see myself as a person who likes various things.

Currently I am improving my skill in social media management. After working in this field, I can tell it requires plenty of creativity that I didn’t know I have.

Few years ago, my friends and I created a youtube channel for kids called Jausmučiai, which aims to educate kids via songs. This project I keep as the one of my biggest personal achievements that I did so far.

Other than that, some people like to call me a singer. But I am too shy to admit that, however it is one of my best forms of meditation.

What motivates you?

I feel motivated because of people, good psychological climate at work; feeling to be necessary, helpful and well appreciated. And definitely – sun.

Why Contextos?

Last year I had an opportunity to volunteer in this awesome organization and I noticed that work ethic fits me very well. It didn’t take long to feel the connection with the team members and personally I was happy about my new learned skills and final results, that I reached just because of Contextos. They are not afraid to risk and take new steps by using innovative ideas and technologies to reach the best results.

What is your part of the team?

Because of my huge interest in content creating and extra skills that I gained making it, I am going to take care of Contextos look on Tik tok, also we will be working on our new series of Podcasts, that I will have the opportunity to be a host and interview splendid people. The other task that I will take part in, is going to be events and project writing.

What is your superpower?

28 years of experiencing life, today I can definitely tell that my superpower is flexibility. (Not the physical one unfortunately.) I know that I can adapt to any kind of situation, accept new challenges and try to make it happen. “Unknown” sounds like a good exciting beginning to get to know something new – additional skills on my skills-list.



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