Head of Communication

Alexandru Ion

Who is Alexandru?

I always recommend myself as a “blogger, social media addict, full-time geek, tv-series and movies enthusiast, and Arsenal fan”, so there is plenty to choose from.

Based on the context that links us, you can see me as a kid talking about Batman and Harry Potter or as a grown-up person explaining things about digital marketing and how to raise awareness around your brand.

What motivates you?

The idea of doing something meaningful. I want to be remembered, not to be just someone you met one day. Each time I start doing something I have in mind the impact of my actions and I like to think some moves ahead for maximizing that impact.

Why Contextos?

Finding Contextos was a chain of reactions and decisions; or as some people like to call it, “luck”. Staying with Contextos happened because of the shared goals and values we have. 

Also, because it gave me the opportunity to develop and challenge my creativity, as well as the freedom to be a better version of my professional self.

What is your part of the team?

I started as a social media manager. Meaning that everything you see on our social media channels is my responsibility. If it’s a good thing it is because I have a great team behind me to help; if it’s not so good it is because I might need to change something. But usually, it is good.

Now I am coordinating our new team of volunteers and building together both new digital and offline projects

From time to time I also have the task of playing music in the office.

What is your superpower?

I always wanted to have the power of persuading people to do what I tell them to. But I don’t have it yet, so I’m training daily for it.

But if I have to choose, I would say my superpower is my motivation. I believe I can do whatever I want, even though some things can be more complicated and take more time than others. But in the end I think we don’t need a cape to be superheroes, just the willingness to work for it.

I also have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), I don’t know if it counts.



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